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What are the Relationship and Difference between Tap water, Pure water, Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water?

Tap water is natural water processed by water plants. It is chlorinated or being chlorinated after purifying. Tap water is the source water of drinking. Untreated source water is not drinkable. Tap water could be as water source of pure water.

Pure water is made from water that meets the sanitary standard of drinking water. it is prepared by electrodialysis, ion exchange, distillation, reverse osmosis and other appropriate processing methods, sealed in a container (bottle or barrel) and does not contain any additive. pure water can be directly to drink.

Mineral water is an uncontaminated underground mineral water that naturally emerges from the deep ground or is artificially exposed;  contains a certain amount of mineral salts, trace elements or carbon dioxide gas; under normal circumstances, its chemical composition and flow rate dynamics, such as water temperature, are relatively stable in the range of natural fluctuations.  mineral water could be directly to drink.

Pure water or Mineral water were filled into bottles or barrels and packaged and sold in the market, are known as packaged drinking water.

the difference between tap water, pure water and mineral water

1) The difference in formation
Tap water is flowed from natural water through water pipe (or pressurized by the first pump house) into the water plant. Before entering the water purification structure, the coagulant is added - aluminum sulfate or polyaluminum chloride, and lime is added to promote coagulation. After alkalinity and pre-chlorination (depending on the quality of the raw water), it enters the grid reaction tank to form Alumen Ustum, which flows through the honeycomb inclined tube sedimentation tank for sedimentation separation, and then passes through the gas-water backwashing filter for filtration and enters the clean water. After the pool, it is chlorinated and disinfected. After a certain period of time, it will be pressurized and transported to the water supply pipe network through the secondary pumping station for drinking and production.
Pure water is made from water that meets the sanitary standards for drinking water. It uses a variety of techniques to remove most of the harmful, toxic, and odorous substances in the water, such as heavy metals, trihalomethanes, organic matter, radioactive substances, and microorganisms.  pure water is packed in bottle or barrel, could direcly for people to drink.
The formation of mineral water is complicated. It is a series of physical and chemical effects of groundwater flowing through rock formations containing different components, leaching, cation exchange, adsorption, biogeochemistry, etc., so that traces and major components in the rock enter the groundwater, enrichment. under a certain condition, various types of mineral water are formed.

2) The difference in ingredients
Tap water is water used for living and production that has been treated by the water plant. It contains various substances such as dichloro compounds, and also contains ions such as Ca, Mg, Cl, and trace amounts of bacteria such as E. coli, and other solutes.
Pure water is purified by distillation, reverse osmosis, etc., while removing harmful substances and removing almost all trace elements and minerals beneficial to the human body. It is an oxygen-containing active water that does not contain any impurities, is non-toxic and sterile, and is easily absorbed by the body.
Mineral water contains more than 20 kinds of trace elements and minerals such as lithium, barium, zinc, iodine and selenium. Some of them contain rich macro elements, such as Ga, Mg and K. Na plasma.

3) The difference in drinking methods
Tap water should be boiled before drinking. its contained bacteria and most of the volatile organics, such as trihalomethanes, should be killed or removed by boiling process before drinking.
Pure water is water that can be directly consumed. It does not matter whether it is heated or boiled.
Mineral water should generally not be heated, it can be warmed slightly, it is better to drink without boiling.  Because its contained macro elements such as calcium and magnesium is in an ionic state at normal temperature. After heating and boiling, calcium and magnesium ions are easily precipitated with carbonate scale. the best drinking method for mineral water is to drink directly at room temperature.

Warm Tips:

Anyway, whatever it is mineral water or pure water, the effects of long-term drinking on physical health are basically the same, because the purpose of drinking water is to replenish water instead of supplementing nutrition.

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